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Matters - Matter!

The Family Matters Documentation Services was created when I desired to start a business in the year 2019. Prayerfully the name, "Family Matters" was decided upon because I truly believe that it is what matters most to everyone. Whether it's our biological, extended, self-created, or spiritually endowed families, they matter to us all. I wasn't the first and certainly won't be the last to use the word "MATTERS" as part of the naming of an entity. Surely many people have recently used it in part, such as, " Black Lives Matters". The fact of the matter is that the very definition of the word matter, be it a noun that describes the physical substance that occupies space and possesses a mass, or the explanation that defines a topic, the significance of the matter is always relevant. In these times we live in, the word "matters", is being used all to often. It begs to question, does it all really matter.

I believe that you, I and we all matter. It matters what has happened, what is happening and what will happen in this life. Certainly nothing from nothing means nothing. From the time a human being enters this life and until they transition out of this earthly realm it will matter what they do with their existence. People may question, judge, examine and attempt to shape the lives of others, but what really matters is what you do with who you are. Perhaps some may not have given it much thought about if it matters or not, but certainly the matter is always there. What do you think, is it relevant or not? Anybody may question a matter, somebody will certainly speak on it and everybody ha an opinion, but nobody knows better than you.

You do matter. The Family Matters Documentation Services was created to encourage you to take all of the necessary steps in completing your personal legal directives, such as a Healthcare/Living Will, Living Revocable Trust, Financial & Medical Powers of Attorney, WILL, Record of what your loved ones need to know, etc, so that in the event that your unable to speak for yourself, there is a written document that will be followed to ensure that your directives are carried out. WHY, because it matters!

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