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Updated: Mar 23, 2023

What do I see you ask? I see your face and the faces of family. More and more in this world, we as human beings have our faces stuck in an instrument. I'm reminded today that looking up and looking into my inner most woman, to think about what I see that impacts on me. GOD has called us to all love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We look in the mirror and hopefully love is reflected. Don't you see, it's all about facing that love and as we all know, the universal law is that, "For every action there is a reaction". What I know is that the reason the "Family Matters Documentation Services" was established is because I see You. I want us to all see the one that we love as the best reason to get our legally accepted directives documented so that in the event we can't speak for ourselves, our written words will clearly inform everyone what must be done. Don't you see, now is the time to show yourself and your loved ones that you see them and they matter most to you!!!

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