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Death and The Point of Talking About It

Death is not the easiest subject to discuss, yet the inevitable occurrence that each of us will experience this phenomenon is true. I love the statement, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; they rod and they staff they comfort me". The wise man (King David) who wrote this, knew that death was certain to come, just as you and I do. What I've come to know also, is that while I'm still alive I'll be willing to talk about death every now and again. It's the beginning of spring and new life is popping up all around me. The flowers are beginning to bloom and the leaves on the trees are budding again. Like a breath of fresh air, life is worth living because the sun continues to shine down on us.

Like you, I've experienced the loss of many, many, loved ones, as a result of their death. I miss them dearly. The memories I draw from thinking of all the great times we had together, is what helps me to live on. I realize that talking about them won't bring them back and yes sometimes it brings me to tears and other times I laugh at the very thought of them. All in all, it reminds me that life is precious and not to be taken for granted. As people say, "Tomorrow is not promised"! In most recent years past, and even now, the death toll around this world has grown to what seems like epidemic proportions. I know that for thousands of years, from one world era to another, there's always been wars, famines, and natural disasters that have caused the death of people, and let me not forget to mention all of the diseases that have caused mankind to die, and yet here we are you and I. Every day I'm grateful for life and that more abundantly. The very air we all breath is a gift from GOD, not to be taken for granted. It's no wonder that "Global Warming" is such a hot topic issue these days. I get it, but as for me, I'm living my life's journey more and more with gratitude. I make decisions daily that are proactive for my net carbon footprint.

Yes, we at the "Family Matters Documentation Services" are in the business of encouraging others to make sure they document all of their personal directives, like Healthcare directives, Powers of Attorney, Living Revocable Trust, WILLS, etc., so that in the event that individuals can't speak for themselves or transition out of this earthly realm, their loved ones will know exactly what to do. The death of a loved one is usually a very emotional time. I've come to understand and appreciate the necessity of talking it over with family and or friends, about what you would want to happen to your body once you've died. I think it takes the sting out of the death experience. Writing down how you want your body handled, clearly gives everyone the best understanding as they deal with the grief of your death. It's a loving gift to leave them and gives you the peace of mind today to have it done your way!

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