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In 2012, Francine's brother-in-law died. He was not even 50 years old. Francine’s sister needed all the help she could get to put his affairs in order. From that day, she made sure her family’s affairs were in order. In helping with the administration of her brother-in-law’s estate, she realized what the next destination on her GOD-driven path was.


She chose to coach people in getting their legal documents completed as an act of love they can give their family. The guiding truth that has compelled her to start The Family Matters Documentation Service is found in Habakkuk 2:2, “Then the Lord answered me and said, " Write the vision and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that reads it”.


In this season of her life, Francine has a passion to assist people in getting their legal documentation completed. Her satisfied clients have told her they  were at peace once they got it done. She is using her GOD-given gift of administration to facilitate, coach, and walk clients through the process.


She realizes it is an emotional process, yet never the less, she tackles questions that bring forth an answer, so clients can write down their truths that must be honored and carried out in the event that they cannot speak for themselves, as well when they transition out of this life. 

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It is both humbling and an honor to walk individuals through this most daunting task, but with GOD’S help, Francine does “GET IT DONE”.

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